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Accept guest payments, automatically, easily and securely

With AmenitizPay, spend less time worrying about payments and payouts and focus on what’s really important: your guests.

Discover AmenitizPay in one minute

Centralise all your payments in one place

Process all your payments automatically, no matter where they come from and get a full picture of your activity in real time directly on your AmenitizPay dashboard.

Guarantee peace of mind to your guests

Offer your guests 3D secure transactions and a fully encrypted PCI compliant payment process. All data is tokenised so that we never actually have access to any credit card details.

One-click payments

Never ask your guests for their payment details ever again. AmenitizPay securely stores all data so you can charge a credit card in one click.

Take care of your guests, AmenitizPay will do the rest

Allow payments using a simple link

Send a link, your customer pays and you get paid. It’s as simple as that.

Schedule pay-outs as you wish

Decide whether you want to receive your money weekly or monthly.

Payments that follow your sales term

Take down payments, or get the full payment upon check in. Your sales terms, your decision.

Split payments between multiple users

Easily customise how funds are split. Flexibility should not be an option.

Always know what you pay with AmenitizPay’s transparent pricing

European credit and debit cards

No set up or monthly fees.

1.4% + 0.25€ excl. vat

European cards

American Express cards

No set up or monthly fees.

3,95% excl. vat

Amex card

International and virtual cards

Additional fees are required for virtual and non-European cards

2.9%+ 0.25€ excl. vat

Non European cards

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive the money ?

You can decide whether you want to receive your pay-outs on a weekly or a monthly basis. Once processed, a pay-out can take up to a week to arrive to your account.

Am I protected against fraud?

Yes! AmenitizPay has put checks into place to make sure that we reduce to a maximum the risk and therefore protect you against fraud.

What does tokenisation mean exactly?

Tokenisation is a process that protects your guest’s credit card details by transforming them into a series of random digits called a token. The card details themselves are stored into a secured virtual vault. When a transaction takes place, it is the token that is used, and not the card itself, thus guaranteeing PCI compliance and insuring that no raw data is stored on our servers or in your administrative space.

Does Amenitiz comply with the PKI Data Security Standard or PCI?

Yes. Amenitiz is PCI certified and compliant with the PKI Data Security Standard. Rest assured, all personal and payment information is ultra-secure.

What payment methods can I offer to the guests?

AmenitizPay allows you to accept all major credit and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express),as well as digital payments (Google Pay and Apple Pay).