To do or not to do – that is the hotel breakfast question

When you take away all the trimmings – put showers where the two person jacuzzis are and regular beds where there would have been four-posters – the breakfast – and particularly the breakfast buffet – might be the only thing that makes a hotel-stay truly exclusive to a regular day in the life. Think about […]

10 Ways to Avoid the Brunt of the Energy Crisis this Winter

With the war in Ukraine nearly two thirds of a year old and winter coming it’s high time we each took an inventory of the imminent pragmatic consequences we can expect for us and ours.  The effects of the ongoing conflict will continue to have far-reaching consequences for us all – I’ll bet you’re feeling […]

What are the benefits of responsible tourism?

Understanding what responsible tourism can be, the first step hoteliers can take in creating strategies that benefit tourists, the environment, and local communities. Responsible tourism seeks to lessen the adverse effects of mass tourism by ensuring tourism promotes local cultures, protects the environment, boosts the local economy, and involves the local communities in sustainability efforts. […]

Everything you need to know about green hotel certifications

The green/eco/environmentally friendly movement has gained popularity, and there is no sign that it will end soon. Most consumers are aware of green hotel certifications vouching for practices like these in the hospitality industry. For this reason, their choice of booking one property instead of another may depend on eco-friendliness. There are different kinds of […]

Importance of responsible and sustainable tourism

Responsible tourism is tourism that respects the tourism destination’s environment, community, and culture. It aims to correct the adverse effects caused by irresponsible mass tourism. This type of tourism aims to create sustainable tourism development that protects the interest of local communities and the heritage sites within these communities. Below are reasons why responsible tourism […]

Amenitiz: Our green commitment

Climate change is a reality. The impacts are being felt more and more and the risks for property owners, especially those in mountain resorts or near the coast, are real. Companies have an essential role to play in helping our society to transition to low carbon consumption and a sustainable lifestyle. At Amenitiz, we’re committing […]

How can I reduce my property’s carbon footprint?

Today, more and more travelers are taking into account ecological criteria when selecting accommodation. As a hotelier, it is important to know how to highlight your eco-responsible side to your customers. In addition, reducing your carbon footprint will also help you reduce your operating costs: it’s a win-win commitment! If you want your hotel to […]

Having a committed hotel: examples from Latin America

Environment and society, committed hotels : a win-win bet Betting on a committed hotel is today a winning bet both financially and in terms of reputation. Many hotels in Latin America have made this bet. Turning natural resources into energy : alto atacama – chile Located in the heart of the Alto Atacama Desert in […]

The right things to do for a greener hotel

Wastefulness, constant production of waste, high consumption of electricity, the hotel sector is today one of the most polluting in the world. The arrival of ecological tourism and “green” hotels shows the willingness of the hotel and tourism sector to combat climate change by entering the ecological transition. Today, the efforts of hotels are recognized […]

Guide to the labels of the cottage and guest rooms

When opening a gîte or B&B, the owner can label his establishment. This procedure is not compulsory, it is at the owner’s discretion. Today, there are more than fifteen different labels in France. Each label has its own characteristics and requires compliance with precise specifications. Faced with the multitude of labels, the owner can find […]