6 Need-to-knows of Hotel Revenue Management


Hotel Revenue Management is a practice as essential to running a hotel as keeping a collection of rooms, beds and keycards. It is to hospitality what trainers are to long-distance running. The only problem is – when was the last time you had the make-up of a trainer laid out to you? Do you know […]

Hoteliers: Check in to TikTok


How can hoteliers increase their direct bookings using TikTok? TikTok is the next big hotel thing Some hoteliers are using TikTok to boost their direct bookings. That’s right – the kids have made another verb out of a phone app and it’s the next essential tech tool you need to master. In this article I’m […]

Send Out the Google Hotel Search Party

Hoteliers Assemble – GHS is Here to Help! We’re almost at the point where the word Google can step up and replace the word ‘Internet’ in the dictionary so it should be of no surprise to anyone that the software giant has been slowly but surely elbowing it’s way to the front of the queue […]

How to Create a Hotel Marketing Plan

In the hospitality industry, trends are constantly changing, thereby presenting you with an opportunity of devising functional strategies and an effective hotel marketing plan. But devising a marketing plan may sound as daunting as rocket science. Whether you’ve established a new hotel or are working to rebrand an existing one, having a defined marketing plan […]

The Amenitiz Referral Program is live!

We are finally glad to announce our Online Referral Program is live. We worked hard to make it come true so we want to tell you first what the Program is all about and why we believe in it so much! Why a Referral Program? The last few months have been obviously incredibly challenging for […]

Hotel booking software : The guide to choosing the right program

Today’s article is for cottage owners. Cottages are fantastic places for tourists to stay and are becoming ever-more present in Europe and across the world. The offer has grown exponentially over the past 10 years and now all kinds of travellers can find their perfect cottage, with stays in high-end, rural or green cottages for a […]

The Amenitiz’ Tech Newsletter #8 – March 2020

The month of March 2020 has been eventful for Amenitiz: much like a lot of you, we had to face the consequences of the confinement and the decrease of activity. However, our team is not giving in even a little bit: every Amenitizer is working from home from sunny Barcelona to make sure we can […]

Hospitality : France part 1

The “customer is king” – this motto is truer than ever in the hotel industry. The high level of competition and the multiplication of offers oblige professionals to always remain attentive to the needs of travellers. It is essential to know what irritates these travellers and what are the imperatives that should not be overlooked. […]

Women : a different type of clientele. What are the issues in question ?

Where the female client stands in the hospitality industry is a question that has many answers Hospitality reflects and adapts to the changes made by western society. Thus, the issues related to female clients in the hospitality sector is becoming more and more relevant. In this industry, 70% of the worldwide travellers are females where […]

How to improve your hotel ranking on google ?

We are all aware that ranking poorly on Google searches is a major drawback in the hotel industry. OTAs such Booking clearly have a predominance across search engines, mainly due to their extensive budgets allocated to their SEO (Search Engine Optimazation) strategy, such as Google AdWords. However, whereas it is extremely difficult to rank as […]