have updated their payment options

Recently, Booking updated its payment method. Let’s have a look at how it used to be and how it is now. payment options for guests: back then Not too long ago, when a guest made a reservation on Booking, the hotels and property owners selling on this site, would get a straightforward choice over […]

Hotel Revenue Management Strategies within the Industry


For many independent hotel managers or owners hotel revenue management or yield management is somewhere between Pandora’s Box and Aladdin’s Cave. It is the grail of the hospitality industry – the hotel business – but not quite as straightforward as a lot of people imagine it should be. Sure, there are bound to be wonders […]

5 Best Smartphone Practices For Independent Hoteliers

Smartphones have come to play a fundamental role in our lives. If you’re not Googling, reserving and shopping by tapping a glass rectangle it’s very possible you’re from the past. Or another planet. Or both. The latest generation of adults is finding love and having pizza delivered with the help of a few taps and […]

Introducing SmartPricing by Amenitiz


We at Amenitiz are proud to present your newest essential tool. With SmartPricing by Amenitiz, knowing the optimum price at which to sell your rooms is about to get easier. Meet every hotelier’s new tech partner. Its aim is to take a load off you when it comes to the complex business of developing a […]

10 Ways to Avoid the Brunt of the Energy Crisis this Winter

With the war in Ukraine nearly two thirds of a year old and winter coming it’s high time we each took an inventory of the imminent pragmatic consequences we can expect for us and ours.  The effects of the ongoing conflict will continue to have far-reaching consequences for us all – I’ll bet you’re feeling […]

What you missed in the latest Airbnb update that will impact you

Everyone should have already heard about the latest big update from Airbnb but almost no one seems to have caught the subtext, already in full swing, that might really work against hoteliers! What is it?  Well there is a good chance that the title on your Airbnb card has changed and you didn’t even notice! […]

How to use digitalisation to combat labour shortage in the hotel industry

As you likely know better than anyone, the hotel industry is facing a major labour shortage. The French newspaper Le Point has revealed that in the 2022 summer season, the hotel and restaurant industry expect to come up approximately 250,000 short which could lead to some establishments doing the unthinkable and closing their doors for […]

Health and safety protocols in the hospitality industry

Did you know that the total costs of accidents in the workplace are close to 4% of the Global Domestic Product (GDP)? Because of ineffective Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) protocols, the global economy spends more than $3 trillion to cover workplace hazards injuries. The hospitality industry has a potential for multiple hazards, and hoteliers […]

Types of hotel guests and their needs

Hospitality is one of the industries experiencing noticeable growth globally. Think of that five-star hotel you enjoy spending your holidays and meeting at. What keeps you returning to the same hotel? What do they have that you cannot find elsewhere? This article explores various types of hotel guests and their various needs. What are the […]

What is a double room in a hotel and benefits of having room type

The hotel industry is a competitive field dominated and driven by customer demands. If you are looking for ways to increase your revenue and maintain long-term relationships with guests in your hotel, figuring out who your guests are, what they want, and how to meet those wants can give you a competitive advantage over other […]