5 Best Smartphone Practices For Independent Hoteliers

Smartphones have come to play a fundamental role in our lives. If you’re not Googling, reserving and shopping by tapping a glass rectangle it’s very possible you’re from the past. Or another planet. Or both. The latest generation of adults is finding love and having pizza delivered with the help of a few taps and […]

Hoteliers: Check in to TikTok


How can hoteliers increase their direct bookings using TikTok? TikTok is the next big hotel thing Some hoteliers are using TikTok to boost their direct bookings. That’s right – the kids have made another verb out of a phone app and it’s the next essential tech tool you need to master. In this article I’m […]

Why have an “Instagrammable” hotel?

A recent British study show that 40% of Millennials choses their travel destination based on its “instagramability”. Hotels are aware of this and attach more and more importance to their interior, their decor, for a hotel to work it must be photogenic!  What are the advantage of an instagrammable hotel? Visibility: Today, the saturation of […]

How do i contact influencers for my hotel ?

In our article Instagram Influencers and Your Hotel, we explained who these new communicators are and the role they can play in your hotel’s communication. Today, through this second part, we share with you how to establish with them an interesting partnership for your hotel. What makes a good influencer for your hotel? He’s simply […]

Instagram influencers and your hotel

You may have already been contacted by bloggers Instagrammers. They are currently the most “in” communicators of the moment. “They share everything with their fans, their desires, their travels, their favorites. Their lives are a dream, and hundreds of thousands of people are hanging on their posts and waiting to find out where they will […]

The best hashtags # for your hotel’s instagram page :

The previous weeks we covered how to to create an Instagram account for your hotel and which types of posts to publish. On this platform, potential travelers will find out about your content. Either because they follow you or thanks to the hashtags used on your posts. Today we will cover how to carefully select […]

Create a facebook contest game for my hotel

Posting regularly on Facebook is important to keep your fan base entertained. But in order to truly capture your customers’ attention, regular posts and pictures will just not do the trick. An effective strategy to increase your network is through Facebook contests. But how do they work? Competition games to animate my hotel’s page : […]

Post on instagram when we are a hotel

With an active customer base of more than 400 million users, Instagram is one of the easiest ways to market your hotel. The image-based network allows you to undertake a free and effective digital communication strategy with the simple use of a hashtag.   What content should i post on instagram for my hotel? The […]

Create an instagram account for a hotel

Instagram has become an essential tool to effectively develop your digital communication strategy. If this social network still doesn’t speak to you, it’s a mobile application that allows to easily share photos and videos. Why is it important as a hotel owner to be present on this network and how do you create an account? […]

What and when to post on facebook when you are an independent hotels

Second part of our advice on digital strategy about Facebook for independent hotel. Last week, we explained how to create a Facebook page for your hotel. Now let’s dig deeper and see what and when to post! What to post on my facebook page First of all, you must respect an editorial line, all your […]