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Choosing a channel manager for a hotel

25 Jan, 2019

So, your new year’s resolution for 2019 was to integrate a booking engine onto your website! Firstly, congratulations; this will allow you to considerably increase your direct reservations, especially seeing as 80% of travellers now search and book online.

The snag being that for some, more direct reservations means even more planning! And of course you’ve got enough on your plate what with and Expedia, along with all the other distribution sites you’re using…

Unless you choose the easy way out and start using a channel manager. We’ll explain how!

But what is a channel manager ?

A channel manager is what would allow you to use a single calendar to manage all of your distribution sites.

In more concrete terms, the channel manager technology allows you to assemble all of your booking agents in one place.

So what happens if someone makes a reservation on The room gets blocked out on Expedia and on your own site. The channel manager consolidates the lot and allows you to update your OTAs all in the same place, and all within one click.

You will therefore never need to connect to or to Expedia (or any other online travel agency) in order to update your booking calendars. Everything is automatic, which means no more double bookings!

In summary, as soon as accommodation has been reserved, it is automatically removed from the other online channels and from your website.

Spotlight on Amenitiz, the channel manager for hotels :

Amenitiz is a website builder for hotels that also offers a booking engine which includes a channel manager, connected to over 120 different distribution channels and online travel agencies.

The booking engine allows travellers to reserve directly through your hotel or property’s website, ultra intuitively, within a few clicks of a mouse.

Amenitiz has directly integrated channel manager technology to eliminate all risk of overbooking.

But Amenitiz’s channel manager goes above and beyond; it is also a great tool that allows you to make changes to the prices of your rooms all within one click. Which is great news if you’d like to add more favourable prices to your site to push travellers to book directly, allowing you to bypass’s commission fees.

And even greater news is that Amenitiz allows you to do all of this automatically:

You simply enter the percentage increase that you would like to apply to each online travel agency. This way, as soon as you’ve configured a price for your site, it will be transmitted onto the distribution sites. This automatic process makes life much easier and you’ll never want to go without it again.

Discover the channel manager:

Calling upon a channel manager is essential from now on, especially once you know about’s overbooking charges.

For an online demo of the booking engine and channel manager click here! Our demos are free of charge and we’ll call you within 48 hours 🙂

25 Jan, 2019