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What are the different types of tourism?

25 Nov, 2021

Tourism is travelling from one location to another, either within your country’s borders or across the borders, for leisure, educational, medical, or other reasons. In recent years, the tourism industry has experienced significant growth because of the change in people’s lifestyles, reduced air travel charges, and thirst for education. The type of tourism depends on why you choose to travel to the specified destination; hence, there are various types of tourism. We give you in this article a list of 10 common types of tourism.

1) Domestic Tourism

In this type of tourism, citizens of a country only travel within their country. Citizens choose domestic tourism because it is cost effective and allows them to explore some of the physical features and other historical sites. It also allows them to learn and understand the history of different communities and how some events took place. 

2) Health and Wellness Tourism

Since prehistoric days, health and wellness tourism has been a necessary form of tourism. Travelers in need of reclaiming their wellness find this category of tourism quite attractive. This distinctive type of tourism can assist you in overcoming psychological and physical pressure. There are many renowned attractions for boosting one’s well-being worldwide.

3) Dark Tourism 

Dark tourism is a unique form of tourism that goes by the name of mourning tourism. Dark tourism entails going to places and sites associated with some of history’s most tragic events. These destinations are famous for their historical significance, besides their history of human pain and carnage. Examples of dark tourism may include visiting places affected by genocide, war or disaster. 

4) Alternative tourism 

Alternative tourism is a word for a variety of specialised tourism activities. It is a distinct type of travel regarded as a mass tourism conundrum. It usually entails more personal and unique travel that stimulates engagement with the local ecosystem, inhabitants, and cultures. Volunteer tourism, ecological tourism, community tourism, and medical tourism are just a few examples of alternative tourism.

5) Countryside Tourism

Countryside tourism is a specialised activity where visitors enjoy their free time in remote regions or settlements. Tourists might arrange a trip to the isolated community for a few days or a few months. Solo travelers, in particular, might explore those locations to pass the time when they are alone. In this distinctive form of tourism, individuals take part in the village’s entire community event. Rural tourism is now a component of a “country holiday”, where tourists spend a significant portion of their free time. As a result, they get a taste of rural leisure activities.

6) Business tourism

This type of tourism includes traveling to a different location to attend to business issues or work. In business tourism, individuals still work according to their regular schedule, but the difference is they are doing it away from their typical workplaces. Examples of activities that happen in business travel include attending seminars and meetings, and conferences. Like other different types of tourism, business tourism may also require you to book hotels where you will stay during your stay.


7) Educational tourism

Educational tourism involves traveling in search of new knowledge or learning a new language commonly used in that region. It can also include learning a new culture, the history of the place or attending an educational event. It’s used to supplement education by allowing students to get travel experience.

8) Medical tourism

People travel to different regions in the world in search of better medical healthcare and specialised treatment. Some diseases may require a specialised doctor found in another country or a different location from yours. Examples of conditions requiring specialised medication are cancer, heart surgery, cosmetic surgery, and gender transformation.

9) Booze Tourism

Booze tourism is a unique category of travel that revolves around the activity of drinking alcohol. While this exclusive interest tourism category can include wine sampling and brewery visits, it mainly involves alcohol cruise trips. A beer cruise is a boat ride that comprises a large amount of liquor intake. In 18-30 party hotspots like the Greek islands and areas of Spain like Magaluf and Ibiza, beer boats are famous.

10) Ancestry tourism 

Ancestry tourism, also referred to as genealogy tourism or root tourism, is a typical form of travel that includes visiting places the traveler has a family connection. This exclusive interest in the tourism genre has increased in recent years, concurrent with establishing various organisations to research a person’s genealogy. Given the scale of past immigration in these regions, ancestral tourism sites such as Scotland, the United States, and Canada are popular.


25 Nov, 2021