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Discover all the reasons why Google Hotel Search will revolutionise your hotel revenue

Did you ever ask yourself what is the magic way to make your hotel or your flats visible on Google?
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What are the most common types of tourism?

We at Amenitiz are big fans of revenue management, and if you fancy heading down that road you won&#
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Yield management hotel

What is Yield Management in Hospitality?

Hotel yield management is a powerful tool that helps hotels maximize their revenue. It involves anal
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Health and Safety in the Hotel Industry – An Essential Guide

Did you know that the total costs of accidents in the workplace are close to 4% of the Global Domest
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Recently, Booking updated its payment method. Let’s have a look at how it used to be and how it is
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6 Need-to-knows of Hotel Revenue Management

Hotel Revenue Management is a practice as essential to running a hotel as keeping a collection of ro
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Hotel Revenue Management Strategies within the Industry

For many independent hotel managers or owners hotel revenue management or yield management is somewh
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Revenue Management Software for Hotels

If you’ve just decide to take up Revenue Management for your hotel and you’ve just inves
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5 Best Smartphone Practices For Independent Hoteliers

Smartphones have come to play a fundamental role in our lives. If you’re not Googling, reserving a
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Hoteliers: Check in to TikTok

How can hoteliers increase their direct bookings using TikTok? TikTok is the next big hotel thing So
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Introducing SmartPricing by Amenitiz

We at Amenitiz are proud to present your newest essential tool. With SmartPricing by Amenitiz, knowi
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To do or not to do – that is the hotel breakfast question

When you take away all the trimmings – put showers where the two person jacuzzis are and regul
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Send Out the Google Hotel Search Party

Hoteliers Assemble – GHS is Here to Help! We’re almost at the point where the word Google ca
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10 Ways to Avoid the Brunt of the Energy Crisis this Winter

With the war in Ukraine nearly two thirds of a year old and winter coming it’s high time we ea
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What you missed in the latest Airbnb update that will impact you

Everyone should have already heard about the latest big update from Airbnb but almost no one seems t
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How to use digitalisation to combat labour shortage in the hotel industry

As you likely know better than anyone, the hotel industry is facing a major labour shortage. The Fre
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Types of hotel guests and their needs

Hospitality is one of the industries experiencing noticeable growth globally. Think of that five-sta
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What are the different types of accommodation?

The tourism industry is constantly evolving to adapt to the rapid changes driven by consumers’ dem
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How to improve guest engagement in hotels?

There has been expeditious growth in the hotel industry over the past years. Many hotel owners and m
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What are boutique hotels?

Do you have a quirky building sitting around idly waiting for you to get inspiration? Ever wish you
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What is a double room in a hotel and benefits of having room type

The hotel industry is a competitive field dominated and driven by customer demands. If you are looki
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What are the benefits of responsible tourism?

Understanding what responsible tourism can be, the first step hoteliers can take in creating strateg
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What are Smart Hotels?

The use of modern technology in the hotel industry has revolutionized hotel operations and guest exp
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Difference between hotel, motel, and resort

The hospitality field has been experiencing expeditious growth over the past decade. This investment
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