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Smart solutions shouldn’t be reserved to huge hotels

We know you’re tired of complicated and outdated tools. It’s time to get an all-in-one solution that fits your needs and evolves as your property grows

Unleash the full potential of your hotel with the ultimate all-in-one tool

Stop using an endless string of tools, when you could be using one that does it all

Have you ever wondered why you’re using 4 different tools every day? Well the truth is ... you don’t have to. Stop switching between multiple systems, and make your life easier with a software that manages it all.

Your dream PMS: super detailed, yet super user friendly

Sick of using a software that looks like it was made in the 90’s? Amenitiz’ super attractive PMS is there for you! Enjoy a crystal clear calendar view of everything that’s happening at your property.

The thing our hotels love the most? The level of detail of our reports and how easy it is to export them for accounting!

Ta-dah! Your channel manager and your PMS are one single tool

No more navigating between multiple tools, no more checking both your CM and your PMS. There’s no room for mistakes!

On top of increasing your direct bookings with our booking engine, you could also optimise your occupancy rate by distributing on over a 120 OTAs.

Stop worrying about fraud, and charge cards easily, including virtual ones

Centralise, and completely automate the collection of your payments. No matter if it’s a direct or an OTA booking, AmenitizPay automates it for you. No more wasting your time doing it manually!
And of course, AmenitizPay also handles deposits, which you can release or capture in one click.

Your hotel is unique, your website should reflect it

You, better than anyone, know than buying a product online has nothing to do with booking a stay at a hotel.

Amenitiz’ websites are built by hospitality experts that know how to tailor them to the type of travellers you’re targetting. With Amenitiz, it’s not only about booking a room, it’s about the experience.

Each detail is calculated so that your guests book directly with you and don’t want to look anywhere else.

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