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How to create a hotel website which converts visitors into guests?

Summary :
I- What can I gain by integrating a booking-engine to my hotel website?
II- A must-have: the fully-integrated booking-engine
III- The home page: first point of contact
A- Great visuals are a must !
B- The perfect structure
IV – How to set up your room pages
V- Who should I trust with my hotel's website?
VI – Focus on the leader: Amenitiz

Download the white paper

This white paper allows you to understand and learn the structure of a hotel website which converts. A good web presence for your establishment is the key to increase your bookings and especially your direct bookings. This guide has been written by conversion specialists and will show you how to help all travellers discovering your website and convince them to book directly rather than via OTA's website.

Increase direct bookings in your hotel

As an independent hotel, a lot of your bookings come from OTAs, causing as much as 25% of your net revenue to be turned over as commission. It's up to you to turn OTAs into a website where guest will discover your hotel yet ultimately book directly on your website. Impossible you say? It's actually quite achievable.

Did you know that 50% of Internet users will visit the official website of the hotel after discovering it on OTA?
Yet 70% of them will still book on OTAs.

Of course you will never get all 70%, but you can greatly increase your share of direct bookings just by having a well-structured and well-designed website. For this you need to turn to conversions specialist and IT professionals, which usually is a very expensive process.

How to create your hotel website in a couple of steps

Get more direct bookings


About Amenitiz


Our goal is to allow all independent hoteliers to regain control of their reservation and re-create a connection with their guests.

How? By allowing them to have an attractive, responsive website which easily transform visitors into guests. We want the best-performing sites to be accessible to everyone and not just to hoteliers who can pay 3 000 € or more for their website.

The key to direct bookings is an attractive website, great looking and easy to use. A site that makes the customer feel at home as soon as they reach the homepage. A site made with Amenitiz.

How to create a hotel website which converts visitors into guests?

Get the white paper