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Beautiful SEO friendly websites inspiring guests to book

Traditional websites start to become outdated as soon as you publish them. With Amenitiz, you can have a beautiful website that’s future-proof.

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52% of potential guests who find you on an OTA*, like, will check your website.

Are you missing out on those direct bookings?

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Upgrade your website with a beautiful design that’s easy for you to control

Stunning designs help you stand out against the competition

Choose from a library of beautifully designed websites. Take advantage of the latest online trends with new releases throughout the year.

A simple drag and drop gives you the freedom to manage your own content

Add or remove content, select high-quality images from a gallery or upload your own. Easily make changes whenever you’re ready without relying on external support.

Hotel-specific elements make it easy to upsell on your website

Do you offer a seasonal menu or special room add-ons? Choose from our flexible templates to quickly add exciting offerings and entice guests to book.

The all-in-one solution you wished you had

Technology is constantly changing, but we make it effortless to keep up

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Meet search engine requirements to rank higher

Websites are ranked by complex and ever-changing formulas. We handle any necessary updates behind-the-scenes, so you don’t need technical know-how.

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Automatically resize to any screen to avoid penalties

Google demotes websites that aren’t mobile-friendly and visitors leave sites they can’t easily read. But don’t fret, our websites automatically adjust to all devices.

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Choose a smart designs that drives direct bookings

Our designs are specifically created with the latest trends from the online hotel sector. The customer experience is built to feel seamless and, ultimately, convert.

Go from passive to proactive! Find guests with sophisticated marketing that’s simple to launch.

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Multilingual websites

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Reach more potential guests – we support 14 additional languages to cover all your customers


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Build a community with frequent updates like upcoming events, themed packages or workshops

GDPR Compliance

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Protect your business with automated legal forms that keep you compliant with the latest European privacy laws

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Trusted by top-rated hoteliers all over Europe
" I am more serene when I receive a new reservation and I no longer have errors or overbooking."


Domaine de l'oie rouge

" Super efficient and great customer service"


B&B at the Grange

" Amenitiz saves me a lot of time and significantly reduces my commissions."


La cour d'Hortense

" I'm always impressed by the team's responsiveness! The fact that the Amenitiz solution is really great, the important thing once the installation is done is to have a help in case of problems ... and there I am always amazed Don't change anything !"


Le Pignié

" The result cannot be compared, it is difficult to obtain a good result without amenitiz. With Amenitiz, you really work like a pro - of course with professional results and very little time."


Ti er Mad

" Amenitiz really impresses me by their ability to listen to customers and their responsiveness to find a solution with a high level of availability. A partner who follows us and who takes pleasure in helping us out."


La Métairie du Dick

" Before Amenitiz, I had several schedules to manage, both for bookings and rates. I was checking constantly to be sure there weren’t any mistakes. It was stressful to have to quickly update all the other OTA’s. And then if there was a failure, I had overbookings to handle. It was a nightmare! Now it’s instant and I am free from worrying."


Maison Addama

" Whenever I have a problem one of the team steps in to help. Seriously impressive guys... knowledgeable and totally dedicated to helping their client"


B&B at the Grange

" Everything goes faster, easier and better"


Ti er Mad