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7 Hotel marketing strategies to attract customers

25 Nov, 2021

Hotel marketing enables owners to encourage new customers to their facility as they encounter a crowded market and fierce competition. While other hotels sell their services, online travel agencies promote low rates and sharing-economy rivals like Airbnb market unique lodgings. There are no longer any such things as typical business visitors. Digital marketing options have emerged with the developing nature of technology and accessibility resulting in business travelers wanting hoteliers to provide accessible, quick, and exceptional service. In this article are listed hotel marketing procedures that can help a hotel attract more customers.

1) Promote the experience, not just about the hotel

As you employ your hotel marketing strategies, ensure you promote the location and experience just as much as the lodging when customers are dreaming and planning. Your potential visitors may not even know which country they want to visit, let alone which region. Determine what your visitors might want to consume, drink, watch, and do throughout their visit. Then concentrate on experiences that are close by and simple to organise for you and your visitors. These can range from visiting a beautiful cafe or market to scaling a hill. You may use your hotel’s digital marketing to promote these selling features as enhancements to your offer.

2) Form brand alliances

As a way of marketing your hotel, you may experiment and evaluate which activities excite your prospective customers most by advertising local activities in your hotel’s digital marketing. It is then a good idea to contact them about forming a brand alliance. You can employ specific marketing strategies in your hotels, such as discounts or value-added for your visitors, which can appeal highly to potential guests. These agreements have a less clear value in the shape of backlinks to your webpage. Every link from a partner’s site enhances your SEO and improves your online visibility.

3) Allow for a quick check-in and check-out

This hotel marketing strategy can be helpful since time is the most valuable commodity in the corporate world for business travelers. As a result, they stay at a hotel where all the procedures are quick and straightforward. One of the most crucial factors to consider when achieving your hotel marketing objectives is making your arrivals and departures process as fast as possible. 

Use of digitalised marketing strategy for your hotels, such as a digital check-in and check-out system, can be highly beneficial to prevent unwanted scenarios and save time. Fast check-in and check-out in hotels also favor the elderly customers who may be too old to stand and wait for their check-in and check-out to be processed. Self-check-in via hotel terminals or smartphone client self-service websites are in high demand nowadays, particularly among youthful visitors.

4) Use influencer marketing to your benefit

One of the most efficient online marketing tactics for hotels is influencer marketing. In this method, a hotel could use an influencer to entice many potential customers and can persuade the customers purchasing choices. Because an influencer has a strong reputation for their knowledge and experience in a specific area, it can be an effective marketing strategy for your hotel. Influencers may assist you in marketing your hotel by sharing information about your hotel on their favorite social media pages and engaging with their fans on your website.

5) Get feedbacks from previous visitors.

Getting reviews from your visitors can contribute significantly to marketing your hotel. In most cases, tourists read reviews before reserving a hotel, this is because any visitors believe they cannot fully evaluate a hotel based on its website and seek feedbacks from others before deciding. Excellent reviews are critical to your hotel reservations, and thus, you must request them specifically.

6) Chatbots are on the rise

Chatbots have become a highly prevalent hotel digital marketing strategy in the hotel industry in recent years. They cannot only aid with conversions but also with your brand’s reputation. They make your potential visitors have more confidence and involvement with you. Use chatbots to respond to your visitors’ questions. As a result, chatbots increase communication, drive individuals down the booking process, and engage with guests who have canceled their appointments. Try using chatbots on your website to see how your reservations rise along with a significant boost in visitor happiness.

7) Establish loyalty programs.

As a marketing strategy, hotels have loyalty schemes in place to encourage customers to come back regularly. These programs assist you in increasing the value and image of your brand in the marketplace. Through a customised rewards program, both independent hotels and hotel groups may attract and keep recurring business by giving what business travelers value, such as free nights and cheap stays. Business travelers appreciate benefits like free travel, complimentary refreshments, and subsidised spa services that make their journeys less taxing.


25 Nov, 2021