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What is a double room in a hotel and benefits of having room type

29 Mar, 2022

The hotel industry is a competitive field dominated and driven by customer demands. If you are looking for ways to increase your revenue and maintain long-term relationships with guests in your hotel, figuring out who your guests are, what they want, and how to meet those wants can give you a competitive advantage over other hotels. An ability to attract guests by providing them with a personalized experience can help your hotel succeed in the hotel industry that is constantly changing.

Categorizing hotel rooms is one way to improve your customers’ experience because it lets them know what to expect before booking a hotel room. Continue reading to find out more about double room in a hotel.

What is meant by double room in a hotel?

To keep up with customer trends, hoteliers are constantly adapting to new trends that can help improve guests’ experience. One such trend is the categorisation of rooms in hotels. Room configuration allows hotel managers to provide customers with a wide range of room selections with a specific criterion that can help make their stay in the hotel memorable. An example of room configuration is a double room.

A double room in a hotel is a room designed to accommodate the needs of guests that wish to share a bed. There are a few differences between hotels and motels, but for most of them, a standard double room contains one king-size bed that can accommodate two or more people. A double room can be ideal for a couple or a family that does not wish to be separated. As a hotelier, you can market a double room as the ultimate selection for couples, friends, teams, or a family with kids.

Why is categorising hotel rooms important?

The benefits of categorising hotel rooms can include:

  • Attract new customers, who can help to increase your hotel sales. Having flexible and customer-conscious room types can pique the interest of travellers who have the potential to become long-term guests of your hotel.
  • Inform your target market about what to expect from various room types. Hoteliers can help guests make informed decisions by providing comprehensive information about hotel room types. For instance, couples can book a double room without contacting the hotel to inquire about what the room contains.
  • Helps hoteliers and managers to manage hotel rooms. Having flexible and comprehensive hotel rooms that meet the needs of the target market can help hoteliers highlight their unique selling points to customers.

Does double room mean two beds?

Not necessarily. A standard double room in a hotel contains one queen bed that can be comfortable for up to four people. As a hotelier, try to be coherent when describing room types, specifications, and names. If potential guests see your hotel has a double room, they might assume, and rightly so, that it contains one enormous bed. If your double room contains double beds, provide that information in the room description, or consider calling it a twin bed.

What does a double room include?

As a hotelier, discovering what guests want can help you provide personalised services that may give your hotel an advantage over competitors. Essential items that can help improve guests’ experience may include:

Massive bed

A double room may contain one massive king or queen bed suitable for couples, siblings, or friends in most hotels. Some hotels might place two full-size beds in a double room upon customers’ request.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The needs of the modern hotel customers are closely interlinked with technology. A hotel can improve guests’ experience by using technology to achieve convenience for customers. The internet of things allows guests to connect their mobile phones to electronic objects in a double room in a hotel. By permitting guests to use their smartphones to control lighting, entertainment devices, curtains, and temperature in hotel rooms, hoteliers allow them to control their comfort, improving their hotel experience.


Hoteliers can improve guests’ experiences by using technology to boost human interactions. A Chatbot in a double room can help guests talk by stimulating intelligent conversations. Since the target market for double rooms are couples, providing a chatbot can help them break the monotony of their conversations by providing them with intelligent conversational topics.

Basic amenities

A standard double room is usually equipped with basic amenities such as a bathroom and shower equipped with adequate toiletry, work desk, armchairs, and empty closets. In the current competitive market, providing complimentary drinks, reading materials, luxury pillows, clocks, and ironing boards can help improve the guest experience, which can help expand your clientele of returning customers. Hoteliers that provide safe boxes for clients to store valuable materials can receive positive reviews that boost hotel bookings.


The hotel industry is constantly growing to adapt to the changing needs of modern customers. To satisfy the high demands of guests in the hotel industry, hoteliers are constantly looking for ways to improve customer service and create long-term relationships with guests. Providing customers with a wide selection of room categories is one strategy that hoteliers can apply to satisfy the high demands of modern customers. By helping potential guests find answers to questions such as, “What is a double bedroom in a hotel? Or what is a double bedroom?” hoteliers can improve the guest experience even before they become customers.

29 Mar, 2022